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DMA Student Breakthrough Award 2016

Hey. It’s been a while yet it just feels like yesterday I was finishing seconds year and now third year is nearly over and done with. Its crazy how time flies when you’re having fun (or working hard!). But a lot has happened this year to make time go faster, one being winning the DMA Student Breakthrough Award in December and since then its been one thing after another either with university work, entering more student advertising awards like D & Ad and YCN, and going on placement at Proximity (an advertising agency based in London).

The DMA Breakthrough Awards is a competition for students interested in working in Advertising and Marketing, and all you have to do is submit work based on a brief that is written for the award. Last year it was for the Economist, which is such a renowned brand especially with its advertising work therefore it was very competitive and quite a hard brief to tackle.

To learn more about the award and my experience wining ht award wit my creative partner take a look at this small post that we wrote for the DMA website after we won the award.


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