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Free Creative Phone Wallpaper designs

Since purchasing an iPad over a year ago (an investment I would recommend to any designer out there!) and even before then I have always enjoyed creating my own wallpapers for my latop, phone and now iPad lock and home screen.

After creating loads of these images and illustrations I'd been using personally that were just sitting in folders on my desktop and in Procreate i wondered if there was anything I could do to use them or be able to share them more widely. Other then set up a print shop on etsy which I don't think I'd currently have the capacity to run I thought about letting people download them for free. As I had already created a whole bunch I thought why not let people take a look at them all, download which ones they like and perhaps create traffic to my site and to Instagram.

So that's what I did and I've already had two releases of designs, all of which you can find in a story highlight on my Instagram. All you have to do is watch the story see the range of wallpapers and hold down on the one you like to screenshot and use it on your phone. Also be sure to give me a follow so that you can be kept up to date when the third batch launch!!

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