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It's been a while...

...and then some! It's been over a year since my last blog and even though I've been blogging through my 'new job' (yes since my last blog I've started a new job and I'm 9 months in) I've not paid much attention to blogging in my spare time. So in light of recent global events I thought what better way to use this new found time at home by updating my design portfolio and starting to blog a bit more alongside it.

I've spent the past year along with getting a new job, freelancing my ass off. "Normal" people might come home from the 9-5 kick their feet up, watch a bit of TV, go to the cinema or meet friends. Not me! I've spent the past year at least working on freelance projects at least three evenings a week and a few weekends here and there to get a job finished by a deadline. It's been hard, I won't lie, but my dedication to the side hustle is real! My passion for design has pushed me through and I'm glad that in my new job I don't have to handle the design side of things, meaning I can focus all my efforts on the style and type of designing I want to do through freelancing.

You can view my most recent projects here, and even though Covid-19 is effecting some businesses I'm carrying on as usual working on some exciting projects which I can't wait to share. I'm currently social distancing so I'm working from home and even have a couple of extra hours each day as I've cut down my commute tie to just walking down the stairs!

Keep an eye out for more posts on branding, freelancing and anything in between.

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