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New branding projects

Over the summer (which I know is now months ago... a whole season in fact!) I worked on two new branding projects for two lovely international clients (my firsts!) who were looking to develop brand identities for their new passion projects. Take a look at the work below and on my case studies pages.

The first was for Inside Out, an 8 week Identity Excavation programme run by Lauren.

After developing the programme and retraining in NLP, Hypnotherapy, EFT, Life and Success Coaching, Lauren was ready to launch but needed help with the branding and giving it it's own identity.

The branding process was quite simple as Lauren was looking to keep the look minimal and as we went though I was able to develop moodboards based on the kind of styles, type and colours Lauren liked... and disliked! These then led to the initial look and colour palette. After a few weeks of a tweaking the colour palette and finalising the brand elements we had a final branding style and I was able to put this into a brand guide for Lauren to understand how this would then transfer onto the multiple platforms e.g. website and social media posts and final products like Google Docs.

I also created easy to use Canva templates so that Lauren could use these herself but keep the branding consistent. Lauren implemented the branding onto various platforms herself and went on to launch the programme via social media. It was great to work with Lauren and see how the programme developed.

The second project was working with Kat, who I was introduced to by Lauren. Also living in Canada, Kat was looking to rebrand a current project and social media account which focused on yoga into nutrition and wellness. Her account already had a strong look and with Kat's brief of creating a brand that ad a rustic, warm, and autumnal feel it was easy to impalement a palette and typefaces to suit.

After multiple Zoom calls, the logo developed quickly and after this I started to work on the brand guide which would show Kat how to use the colour palette, logo and typefaces on her social media and website. Along with a logo, secondary logo and submark, I also created story cover highlights for Kats' Instagram and produced mock up examples of how her brand could work on a website. I love how it all turned out!

Let me know what you think of both projects and if you're looking for something similar or have a branding project in mind then just get in touch.

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