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New Year, New Goals.

How are we already 18 days into the new year? The start of 2019 has gone by so quickly and I’m already starting to work towards achieving my new years’ goals.

I’ve never been one to stick to new resolutions but I feel that the time has come for me to move on to GOALS!  By setting myself goals I feel as though I’m settling into adulthood, goals will help me get shit done. Even the definition of goal: the result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aim; end. sounds more mature than ‘sticking’ to a new years resolution. A goal, therefore, is finite, which means I’ll be working towards an achievement, which to me sounds more effective and satisfying. 

My main reasons for setting goals for 2019 is so that I can feel more productive and positive about what I’m doing with my life. Throughout 2018 I had ups and downs, I sometimes lacked motivation and was utterly frustrated with having nothing to work towards. I was feeling what a lot of other graduates also feel, and until I found a job in September I tried to keep myself as busy as possible to combat that wayward feeling. Since then I’ve learnt that I’m at my happiest when I know I have something to look forward to or work towards. Having a job especially helps, but I want to become more productive in my free time so I can work on more projects.

Hence setting myself GOALS for 2019.

Before Christmas, I bought myself a new diary in preparation for the new year. I walked into TK Maxx to the stationary section to find the cutest, instagrammable diary/journal I could find. Last years Oliver Bonas diary was great but sometimes I found it was too heavy to lug around and I wasted a lot of the pages so I wanted something smaller but still interesting. One diary stood out straight away.  Millennial pink with gold GOAL DIGGER embossed on the front. The diary was actually an Alice Scott diary, and I got it for a steal, half the RRP. With my new diary, I felt like I was ready to begin on setting my goals.

img_1553 2

What I didn’t realise is that inside the diary, there’s the chance to set out new things to try each month but also a chance to set a new goal each month. This part will be really useful in helping to keep me focused on my goals and achieve them little by little.

This month (January), my goal is to read more non-fiction, which will ultimately help me achieve one of my 2019 goals of reading more than 35 books this year. I think my February goal will be along the lines of looking at ways I can develop my career. This will help me figure out ways to find my way up the job ladder, increase my pay grade and to achieve another 2019 goal of mine: moving out from my parents home. I better get to saving then.

On this note, I also hope to apply for a couple of jobs each month to gain experience in putting together applications and tailoring CVs. I’m not unhappy in my job but I feel like I  might feel a little more fulfilled in another creative job and I might work harder becuase of this. I’m such a typical millennial!

Another goal is to take a solo trip. I had planned to visit Copenhagen by myself in February but as it happens a few friends decided to tag along so we’re now making a girls trip instead. For one this really helps to keep the cost down and I’ll also get to make memories with some amazing friends. It seems I have travelling on the brain because I also hope to take a longer trip abroad this year and possibly take a long haul flight, either to Japan or New York. In 2018 I took my first proper trip abroad (not to Disneyland or on a school trip) to Amsterdam (Day 1, Day 2, & Day 3 blogs) and then travelled solo to Seville where I met a friend out there on an internship so its safe to say I think I’ve caught the travel bug!

Something I also feel will help my productivity is to become less attached to material objects. I’m in the process of reading Anna Newton’s, An Edited Life and hope that it will help me to turn away from my hoarder lifestyle and become more minimalist and give away things I probably don’t need to keep. I’d really recommend giving the book a read.


Towards the end of 2018 (obviously before Christmas) I started to feel better about my body and I started to feel healthier for the first time in a few years. This is probably due to me being more active. I don’t go to the gym or take classes but I tend to do a lot more walking now that I work and I’ve started to drink more water. This is also something I want to continue to do in 2019 and not become too complacent.  I also got a really nice water bottle for Christmas which has helped me to continue drinking more water already this month.

That’s all my goals for now, who knows I might decide to make more throughout 2019.  Hopefully, they’ll help me to become more productive, and maybe I’ll start blogging regularly.

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