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As a creative and as a former art director of a creative team, I’m really into visuals, like really! I can’t think of a better way to spend my time, scrolling through Instagram, looking through aesthetically pleasing magazines and of course pinning to my boards on Pinterest.

I love collating different images together and mood boarding so Pinterest is my bae when it comes to putting together pictures for certain projects or even just when I’m collecting recipes or interior ideas. It’s a great place to gather your visual thoughts and gather inspiration.

Its a social media that to me doesn’t feel like one, and in essence, this means its the perfect place for brands, companies and anyone creative to be original.  Through Pinterest I follow brands and friends, therefore, I get the best of both worlds but never once have I considered anything I’ve seen from brands on the site as advertising. So it shocked me when I found out that almost two-thirds of all pins represent brands and products. Even more so when 78% of Pinterest users say its useful to see content from brands when they search and pin.

With these facts in hand, it’s opened my eyes to Pinterest and how its used to advertise.   Because everything on Pinterest looks and feels natural these pins don’t stand out and shout “Hey I’m advertising a product” but rather catch pinners subliminally. And this is gold dust for marketers!

This kind of advertising, rare as it is, is proven to work with millennials especially. With millennials being the first generation of influencers and accepting influencers as kin rather than people selling to them, its no wonder Pinterest is successful.  So considering 1 of 2 millennials use Pinterest every month Pinterest are on to a winning sequence!

Here’s a sneak peek from my Pinterest boards. Why not check them and give me a follow.

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