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Podcasts I love or want to start loving.

Podcasts a big right now. If you didn’t know that then where have you been? There are around 75 million people that tune into podcasts every month and this numbers set to grow. A lot. So you might want to check out a podcast or two at some point. Or scroll down, I’ve made a list of some.

So I started listening to podcasts last year. I was a bit late to the trend it seemed, because either everyone was making one, or they were subscribed to one or they happened to be talking about one as I walked by. One small search and I fell down the rabbit hole into the world of podcasts, you could say it became slightly overwhelming. Being able to find podcasts on almost any topic, from advertising to beauty to cinema, I kept clicking subscribe until I had way too many to download. Long story short I had too many to listen to and I couldn’t keep up, and a few weeks after I’d started I stopped cold turkey.

Until very recently I hadn’t gone back, this was until I saw that Gwyneth Paltrow (of all people) had one and I decided to check it out. As you can tell it was quite a surprise to me as I opened up iTunes, I was obviously still subscribed to the podcasts I had been listening to a few months back, and I found out that over 50 episodes started to download all at once.  After a few minutes of cancelling and pausing the downloads, I went back to searching for the Goop (the name of Paltrow’s podcast). In the first episode, she interviews Oprah, so how could I not start listening! A few minutes later I’d subscribed and stumbled upon another interesting podcast and so continued the trend – Finds a new podcast, thinks oh how interesting, and presses subscribe. Some of the ones I found from my peruse are included in this list, I haven’t got around to listening to them yet because who has time to listen to 40 episodes all at once?

Anyway, there’s my ramble out of the way, so I’ll get to the point. Here are some of the podcasts I’m listening to at the moment and loving or want to start listening to and start to love!

The Design / Advertising ones

Its Nice That – Radio Wolfgang

Ricky Richards – His most recent episode is with the infamous Rory Sutherland

Creative Lives Podcasts

Advertising Podcast with the IPA

The ones where females are boss

Otegha Uwagba – Women Who

The Influencer Podcast

GirlBoss Radio

Women who travel – Conde Naste

The Goop Podcast – Gwyneth Paltrow

Breaking Beauty Podcast

The I have a YouTube but also wanted to start another project ones

The Heart of it – Estee Lalonde

At Home with Lily Pebbles and Anna Edit

Arden and Will Crash on my couch

The ones that don’t fit into a category 

George Ezra and Friends

Millennial Love – The Independent

Love Stories – Dolly Alderton

Happy Place  – Fearne Cotton

*Most of these you can find on iTunes or SoundCloud.

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