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She only went and got a job… finally.

The only reason I haven’t posted since August is because low and behold a year after graduation I finally have a job (well part time that is)! It may not be full time but from the application form to the interview and induction process it has definitely felt as though it’s more than just a normal part-time job. It means I still get time to work on freelance projects on the side, create my collages, still volunteer and have my hands in many other pies!

So my full job title is a bit of a mouthful – Marketing, Sponsorship and Website officer, but pretty simple when you break it down. Simply I’ll be introducing and running social media for a local secondary school, updating their websites, promoting the school within the community and helping out with the funding side of things.

It may not be creative advertising but its a new and exciting experience I get to delve into and try out. First of all, I get to spend a bit more time looking into the marketing and strategy side of things but also still get to be creative by creating content for their social media and designing their promotional materials. I’ll also get to help out with school events and photography.

Watch out the world of employment!

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